Artist’s Corner

At this exhibition you will see several of my new art installations. Each one is a story and a piece of art created spontaneously without any marketing/promotional intention, and consequently corruption. Besides my own satisfaction that I derive from this work, I had already witnessed that the visitors were intrigued and puzzled by this very new fusion of modern action and traditional painting.

Also, the paintings themselves become more interactive thought provoking, and „up to date“.                                

Each piece has two (or more) titles carefully chosen and they are important part of the installations. One for the painting and one or more for the installations. The short stories that you can read about each one are only some suggestions and very often just one version/interpretation.


Momcilo Simic

“Nice things-bad business” This title is a part of the installation too.Also, under “Thank you” is written: “This painting is painted by m father” . ( This installation “works”. Visitors at the gallery would often through money into the case even though it is not expected at all!?)

More pictures of the installations are coming soon.